About Gotlandsbullen


Do you have a special place in your heart for Gotland? In that case you have probably eaten Gotlandsbullar already and know just how special they are! Gotlandsbullen is a wheat bun rolled out and tied together according to Gotland tradition. 

My grandmother in Rone, in the South Eastern part of Gotland, taught me to tie the knot of Gotlandsbullen. I am interested in its history and the women behind the tradition.

The book ”Ingen lägger gotlandsbullen som jag”, by Helena Rydén ISBN 978-91-86103-54-5 (Gotlandica förlag), is based on women stories and the different shapes of the wheat buns.

I have also created a bun out of silver to celebrate this local delicacy and the women that have passed it on for generations. Each silver bun is made by hand and with love for the original.

The jewellery and the book is availabe in stores on Gotland and stores online.

Ring Gotlandsbullen

Ring Gotlandsbullen

The curvy shape gives the jewellery a character of its own. Photo Emelie Mitroulis Helldén

Bok Gotlandsbullen

Book Gotlandsbullen

The book about the wheat bun rolled out and tied together according to Gotland tradition, by Helena Rydén ISBN 978-91-86103-54-5 (Gotlandica förlag).